Making Trauma-Informed Care Real!

Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Child-Treating Programs, based on Pat Wilcox's book Trauma-Informed Care: The Restorative Approach

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Have you tried to implement trauma-informed care, but feel unsure as to whether it is really part of everything you do?

Making It Real is…

A team-based training course for congregate care programs serving children. This means teams in residential facilities, schools, hospitals, day treatment programs, group treatment, foster care… any setting in which you are both offering treatment and managing behavior.

Making the change to trauma-informed care involves a genuine paradigm switch and it is hard to do. It is not enough to send a few staff to a training about trauma. We need specific strategies to address all the parts of what we do.

Making It Real! is based on Pat Wilcox’s book, Trauma-Informed Care: the Restorative Approach

Making It Real offers teams strategies.

Making It Real is a unique course- there is nothing else like it.

It is NOT a course in which individuals go through the course and get some new knowledge about trauma and how it affects the brain. Those courses are very valuable.

But that’s not what this is.

Making It Real is a course for a TEAM to IMPROVE THEIR TREATMENT. As a team, you work through it together. You learn from the videos. The Resources enlarge your options and possibilities.

And then you take action.

Every implementation plan starts with exploration and discussion for the team. Then, the team makes a plan, describes the action steps, decides who will take the lead, and sets a review date.

Then they take action!

The power is in the thinking and the discussion. And the super power is in the action. You actually change what you do. And your treatment becomes more effective, produces better results, and you have more satisfied and fulfilled employees.

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These Twelve Modules Will Guide Your Team to Better Treatment!

Part One: The Foundation Module One: Planning Your Transformation

Getting ready to start your transformation, including:

  • Why Trauma-Informed Care?
  • What is Trauma-Informed Care?
  • Administrative Role in the Transformation
  • Creating your Implementation Task Force


Module Two: Measuring and Communicating

Discover your starting point and communicate your intent to all your stakeholders.

  • Where Are We Now?
  • Creating Your Communication Plan
  • Responding to Staff Resistance
Module Three: Choosing and Planning the Training

Deciding what training system to use for your staff and planning how to do it.

  • Evaluating Training Systems
  • Planning the Mechanics of the Training
Part Two: The Building Blocks Module Four: The Therapeutic Milieu

Creating a milieu that provides effective treatment.

  • Safety: What Are the Cat Hairs in Your Program?
  • Using Formulation to Direct Daily Life
  • Understanding Symptoms
  • Intervention Planning
  • Preventing and Managing Crisis
  • The Importance of Rhythm
  • Use All Your Senses
  • Effective Action
  • Increasing Stamina
  • The Role of Support Staff


Module Five: All Staff Are Treaters: Developing a Trauma-Informed Staff

Improving our work as individuals and as a team.

  • High Functioning Teams
  • You Are Changing a Child’s Brain
  • Be Your Real Self
  • Cultivating Clinical Child-Care Staff
  • Staff Development
  • Our Relationships Matter
  • Staff Recognition and Connection
  • Supervision
  • Hiring and Promotion
Module Six: The Best Clinicians

How our clinicians can do the best work with the clients, families and within the team.

  • Leading with Formulation
  • Treatment Planning
  • The Push to Change
  • Clinician Development


Module Seven: Behavior Management

How we can manage problem behaviors in a way that is most likely to promote change.

  • Evaluating Our Current Behavior System
  • Making Amends
  • Skill Training to Decrease Harmful Behavior
  • Using Restorative Practices


Module Eight: Families and Foster Families

Cultivating a trauma-informed lens for our families and foster families.

  • The Importance of Families
  • Parents as Trauma Survivors
  • Teaching Parents About Trauma-Informed Care
  • Trauma-Informed Foster Care



Module Nine: Vicarious Traumatization

Attention to staff vicarious traumatization is crucial to successful treatment.

  • What is Vicarious Traumatization (VT)?
  • Imbedding Attention to VT into Our Culture
  • VT in Times of Crisis
  • VT and Foster Parents
  • The Resilient Treater and Vicarious Traumatization
Module Ten: Policies and Procedures

Making sure this approach is sustained through changing policies and procedures.

  • The Importance of Policies and Procedures
  • The Foundation not the Flavor
Module Eleven: Trauma Specific Interventions

Using screening tools, evidence based practices and body-based intervention to achieve lasting change.

  • Trauma Screening
  • Evidence-Based Treatments
  • Body-Based Interventions
Part Three: The Roof and the Flag, Module Twelve: Celebrating and Sustaining

How do we celebrate our achievements and communicate our results to all stakeholders? How do we sustain trauma-informed care in the future?

  • Broadcast Your Achievements
  • How Will We Know if We Are Doing it Right?
  • What Happened? The Push for the Punitive
  • Let’s Celebrate!

Who Is This Course For?

If you work for an agency that treats children and their families…
If you also need to manage problematic behaviors in your clients…
If you are just starting the journey towards trauma-informed care OR
If you have begun implementing trauma-informed care but are not sure if it is truly central to everyone’s practice…
If you are sometimes discouraged or hopeless about your work…
If team dynamics sometimes get in the way of your doing your best work…
If you want specific tools and resources to improve what you offer your clients…
If you are one of the people who has talked to Pat at a conference and said how much her book has changed your practice...
Then this course is for you!

Am I providing the best treatment?

Problems in my team make my work impossible.

Am I creating a workplace where staff will grow and be happy?

I work long hours and no one appreciates me.

Have you tried to implement trauma-informed care, but feel unsure as to whether it is really part of everything you do?

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Pat Wilcox is an excellent trainer. She has a deep knowledge of trauma-informed care and extensive experience working with challenging survivor clients and their loved ones. She has an unusual ability to teach complex material by integrating evidence-based practice, solid trauma theory, clinical examples, and personal warmth and humor

Pat Wilcox is one the nations most informed clinical leaders supporting positive attachment and conquering adversity. She offers practical intuitive coaching on how to be trauma informed for clinicians, support staff, families and survivors.

Pat Wilcox’s passion and compassion for individuals impacted by trauma, as well as, agencies supporting trauma survivors was inspiring to me in my personal work. Pat has an uncanny talent for zeroing in on the heart of the matter to help create real change. Every training that Pat does is new and different because she is always incorporating the newest practices that are showing effective results in healing trauma. I learn so much every time I have the honor to work with Pat, and I know you and your organization will feel the same.

Make the best trauma-Informed care part of every part of your treatment!

Full Course with all Downloadable Materials
  • Full, instant access
  • Three bonuses
  • Private Facebook group
  • Unlimited Support
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Discount for Risking Connection Agencies!
  • Full, instant access
  • Three bonuses
  • Private Facebook group
  • Unlimited Support
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